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We are here to help you if you have a difficulty with mobility and would like to access shopping and leisure facilities in Worcester city centre. You can hire a variety of mobility aids, various sizes of motorised scooters and power wheelchairs. We also have manual wheelchairs that can be either pushed by another person or operated by the individual person. Additionally we have several attachments for the manual wheelchairs for people with a leg impediment that require the leg to be elevated.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used such equipment before because we will show you how to use it and we will make you aware of all the aspects you need to know.

Shopmobility Worcester is fully insured and our policy covers you, the equipment, and our volunteers.

From 04th April 2023 we will no longer renew memberships, but all customers will be asked to re-register every 12 months to satisfy insurance conditions and to ensure that we keep details that are up to date.

Please note that we’re not set up to take card payments, so it’s cash only please.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 3.50pm.

Closed on bank holidays and Sundays and Mondays.

01905 610523

Would customers please return all hired equipment no later than 3.50 pm. Thank you.

We are actively encouraging new volunteers and trustees – no previous experience necessary. Phone the office to leave your details and the chairman will be pleased to contact you. Thank you!

Guide for new customers.

None of our equipment is suitable for anyone who is over 25 stone in weight.
The person who will be using our equipment must be the person that we see – please don’t send a representative to collect for you.
If you wish to hire a scooter or powerchair then you will need to demonstrate sufficiently good eyesight.
You should bring ID to prove your name and which shows a photo of you. Best examples are driving licence, passport, buss pass, blue badge parking permit.
Please bring a mobile phone with you if you have one.
Please bring cash as we don’t take card payments

Our Charges for day hire or part-day hire

Any equipment – £5.00

Our charges for extended Hire

Any equipment – £5 per day, including day of collection and day of return, plus £50 returnable deposit

Our volunteers outside our premises on level 6 of Crowngate car park.